I've recorded training programs, corporate, real estate narrations and commercials, including major market and national campaigns.

Authoritative, technical, masculine, heartfelt, humorously sarcastic.

I get technology.
The Cloud. Big Data.
IT systems. Analytics.
Security. Open-Source.
Internet of Things (IoT).

If you need a voice talent who is flexible, easy to direct and can deliver what you need in the booth, I'm the guy you’re looking for.

Some of my clients...

I'm non-union.
Direct email: dave@davesaundersvo.com
Phone: (206) 390-2189
Website: http://davesaundersvo.com

AB2 Talent
Agent: Angelina Bruno
Phone: (650) 378-1267
Fax: (650) 931-2301
email: vo@ab2talent.com
website: http://ab2talent.com

Some of my clients...